On the go with Trout & Poe

The Crossefield

An upscale twist on the classic sling style bag! Versatile, stylish, and weather resistant.

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The Gumleaf USA boot! The warmest, most comfortable, and most true rubber welly that you will ever wear! 

Have you ever wanted a bag that can do everything?  It's weatherproof, versatile, stylish, handsfree, can go anywhere..it is also proudly American made.

On the Go with Trout & Poe

Gumleaf usa

Gumleaf USA boots are made from 85% natural rubber which is why they can flex over 1,000,000 times without a crack.  Comfort, durability, and quality are the hallmark of Gumleaf USA boots.


Hats & Accessories

Our signature hats and accessories represent our Trout & Poe with our classic dog logo.



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